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Fun in Philly

Yesterday morning I went on a job interview. Teaching gigs are very hard to come by these days, and the competition is fierce. I’m still waiting to hear back so my nerves are a little rattled. The quickest way to chill out when something’s on my mind is head to yoga so yesterday afternoon I went to class at my favorite studio in Philadelphia. I was a little spaced out about the interview, so it wasn’t until 20 minutes in during sun salutations that I noticed the gorgeous shirtless guy diagonal from me. I’m usually not one to check out dudes at yoga (I take my zen time very seriously), but this guy had chaturanga muscles to the max. So guess who the cute guy was…

Colin Farrell (not my pic)

Yes, the chatter in my mind about the interview subsided as I realized an A-lister was three feet away. He’s in town filming a movie and apparently he’s a pretty devout yogi. Who knew? At least this distraction was a little more fun than the other.

Tomato soup minus the cream in Old City

Iced green tea at Cafe Ole

What helps you to chill out? Who’s your celebrity crush?



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