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Grace & Glory

I went to hot power yoga this morning and liked it. I’m not usually a fan of hot yoga because the heat can be pretty intense. But at 8:30 this morning M offered to watch Baby Max and the class at my usual studio started at 9. We live in the woods, so there was no way I could make it. I’d heard about Grace & Glory through a friend so I decided to give it a go. The room was packed and it was hot. 90 degrees to be exact. But it wasn’t stifling and in the chilliness of winter it actually felt pretty good.

What really made me like the class was the teacher. For me, yoga is more than just a workout. Sure that’s what got me interested in it years ago. A workout that you don’t really have to work at? Count me in. My thoughts have changed since then as I sit here drenched in sweat next to my sleeping baby, afraid to move. The reason I really liked Nicole’s class was because she sprinkled in plenty of yoga philosophy throughout the poses. Like, “My practice is my prayer.” Yoga is movement to get rid of all the crap that is stuck inside of us, both mental and physical. Jivamukti teacher Sharon Gannon wrote about intention this month. If you do yoga with the intention of losing weight, you will probably become thinner. However, why not elevate your intentions for yourself and your life? As Sharon points out, yoga without the philosophy is gymnastics. And sure it will make your body feel good for a little while, but why not awaken something higher in ourselves? And that’s why I really loved today’s hot power yoga class. Yes, I was there for a workout and to feel better physically. But I was also there to let go of negative thoughts and aspire towards inner tranquility. And sometimes that takes a good dose of sweat.


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Jersey Fresh

I just love fresh produce from a local farm stand! But then, who doesn’t?



What’s your favorite summer fruit and/or veggie?

Juicy ripe tomatoes, peaches, corn and zucchini…yum!


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August 11, 2013 · 8:27 pm

Three Months

I’m the new gal in town so this past week Max and I have been working the new mommy support group circuit (La Leche League and one led by lactation consultants at the hospital) to meet friends. Next month M and I are throwing our first child-friendly party in our backyard, so I’ve been passing out invites to other mommies I come in contact with. It’s not easy moving to a new town without any friends or family, but I am determined to find a community. Or build one if necessary.

IMG_2708He’s grown so much since this picture at one month

Meanwhile, here’s the latest links I love:

Where to buy local/organic/sustainable food near you

IMG_1019yummy summer veggies

found on A gluten-free vegan mom who knows

Cool Mom Picks ~everything I didn’t now I needed but must have now!

Any tips for throwing a fun baby-friendly summer party? Recipe suggestions?


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Day 13: Tree


Baby wearing tree pose


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Pumpkin Patch

Endless pumpkins

It’s been seven years since I moved “up North” (from Florida) and this was my first trip to the farm in fall. We picked pumpkins, walked through a corn maze, went for a hay ride and drank frozen apple cider. Yum!

The patch

Have you done any autumn-related activities?

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3 Ingredients To-Go

The other day I had to run a few errands super-early so I packed a quick breakfast to take along with me: So Delicious coconut yogurt in plain, agave syrup and cereal. I found a shady spot in a suburban parking lot to put it all together.

Eating out of a real bowl is so worth the dirty dish

New-to-me, suggested by a good friend

Great spot for breakfast

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A Day Late

Happy July 4th 5th! The holiday may be over, but it’s never to late to express love for America.

An all-American beach: Ocean City, New Jersey

The power’s still out at my place so I spent a few days at the beach. I discovered new (to me) shore spots that have tons of healthy, delicious options. Yianni’s Cafe on Asbury Avenue has outdoor seating, smoothies, oatmeal and other yummy choices. Red’s Jersey Mex Cafe is a cute little place a few blocks off the beaten track. It’s got everything I love: tacos, guac and surf pics.

Yianni’s Favorite: fresh oj & fruit

Oatmeal with sliced almonds and cinnamon

Mexican on July 4th~because we’re all dependent on each other

Veggie tacos with guacamole

I love that the U.S.A is a melting pot of world cultures. My perfect July 4th:  Cali-style American breakfast, yoga (from India), Mexican lunch and Cuban for dinner (no pics of chickpea stew and fried plantains…but they were amazing).

What do you love about America?


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