Saturday Morning Sanskrit: Ishvara-Pranidhara


Nature is divine

Good morning! Today we are talking about the fifth and final niyama: ishvara-pranidhara. The words mean surrender to the divine. There are many ways one could interpret the meaning. I like the simpleness of the mantra “I surrender.” Choosing this mantra helps us recognize even though there are things out of our control,  everything is still going to be okay. We know that life runs in cycles and the world is full of yin and yang. What pleases us one day might anger us the next. Surrendering gives us peace in a world of uncertainty.

If you want to dig a little bit deeper into the meaning of ishvara-pranidhara then click on this article  by Jivamukti teacher/founder Sharon Gannon.

For me, a powerful way to practice surrendering is through yin yoga. Basically hang out in your favorite pose (such as child’s pose, savasana, legs up the wall, or reclined bound angle). Let go of any effort or force. As you inhale think the word “I” and as you exhale think the word “surrender.” Keep at it for at least five minutes, going as long as you like. Relaxing music is optional. I use the harp setting on my iPhone timer so that I can relax without worrying about the time.

How do you practice surrendering?

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  1. surrender to the divine… this is my fav principle! lovely post. thank you!

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