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A Month of Gratitude: Day 2

Sometimes it’s the simple things in life that bring so much pleasure. Today I’m thankful for popsicles. Recently I discovered that my favorite little popsicle shop four hours away in St. Augustine is now exporting to Dunedin. I can walk a mere 15 minutes for a fresh, juicy artisan ice pop. For those in the area, there is a case of amazing selections like pineapple cilantro and sangria plum waiting for you at Broodway Deli. I’m thankful to have Hyppo in my neighborhood!

photo1-8photo2-3What are you thankful for today?


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Day 22: Revolved Triangle


Fresh air


Lunch at Serendipity

Side salad with tahini dressing, Rice & beans with salsa and avocado


Mom’s veggie wrap w/ white bean salad

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Recently I stumbled upon this little gem in Dunedin, Florida. Serendipity Cafe serves fresh, healthy (and gluten-free) breakfast all day long. I ordered a fruity spinach smoothie with cornmeal pancakes, almonds & blueberry syrup. It was delicious and I felt full, yet light and happy after devouring it all. The restaurant is connected to a health food store~ add the yoga studio down the street and what more could you ask for?




Have you found any neighborhood gems lately?

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Taking the Taco Bus

It’s the last day of a whirlwind trip home to the Tampa Bay area spending time with friends and family. I’ve seen just about every wedding venue and tried on bridal gowns at three dress shops. I also took a mini four-hour road trip with my mom to visit my cousin and her brand new baby. My heart just melted. Today’s pictures are from yesterday’s amazing lunch at The Taco Bus on Central Avenue in St. Pete. This place is open 24 hours on the weekends and I can only imagine the crowd.

Agua de pina

We all need direction sometimes

The taco plate with one vegan tempeh and one butternut squash


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Vila d’Eivissa

While it’s true we spent most of our time in Ibiza napping on the beach and dancing at clubs, M and I did find the time to tour the old port town. A little bit of travel trivia: Spanish (as we know it) is not the first language for many people in Spain. Ibiza and Barcelona are located in a region called Catalonia, where most people speak Catalan. Hence, the proper spelling for the island is Eivissa according to the locals. I found it interesting that some islanders preferred to communicate in English rather than the Spanish that I know (which is called Castilian). One restaurant server told me that it’s because some people on the island aren’t really fluent in Castilian Spanish. Street signs and government building are all labeled in Catalan and everyone is proud of their cultural heritage.


Do-it-yourself toppings

Followed by paella that I forgot to take a picture of

Lemon & mandarin sorbet at the bottom of the hill

Do you have any travel trivia that you’ve learned along the way?

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Passion in Ibiza

Every summer M and I go away for a week together. We’ve never done the same spot twice until this year. We couldn’t resist the laid back atmosphere and gorgeous landscape of Ibiza. In my opinion it’s the world’s best people-watching. Even though we rented the same little apartment, we did try a few new places for meals.

The raw salad at Passion Cafe in Playa de’n Bossa

(that’s macadamia nut cheese along with yummy spicy peanut dressing)

Fresh juices

M’s avocado wrap

Breakfast was eaten leisurely on the balcony everyday around 11 (read last year’s post for Ibiza’s schedule). I brought coconut milk for coffee and M went out for fresh bread and chocolate croissants each morning. We also picked up a bottle of chunky tomatoes stewed in olive oil from the airport gift shop.

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Veggie Travels

M and I just got back from a week in Spain. It’s one of my favorite places in the world, but more about that later. I wanted to share how impressed I was with the veggie meal on my U.S. Airways flight. They have a non-dairy vegetarian option that’s actually pretty good. (Just call ahead and request it, there’s no extra charge.)

Fruit salad with coconut shavings, green salad with Italian dressing & Spanish rice and veggies with lemon wedges

Once we got to Barcelona, we had a few hours to kill before boarding a smaller plane to Ibiza. We munched on salads and chips. Again, I was impressed with our airport dining choices.

Salad #1: chickpeas, tomatoes and lettuce

Salad #2: corn, olives & carrots

They must be healthy because they’re coated in olive oil…

Just kidding, but a girl’s gotta crunch once in a while

How do you get your veggies while traveling?


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