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Vic Sushi

Three rolls: seaweed, sweet potato & avocado

I absolutely love sushi! I could eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I have two favorite spots for sushi in Philadelphia: Vic Sushi Bar on Sampson Street between 20th & 21st and Yakitori Boy in Chinatown. Vic’s is a tiny little place with about six bar stools (it’s B.Y.O.). I used to know the delivery guy pretty well when I lived in Philly. My friend Liz and I had a little ritual we called Tuesday Night Tivo. We’d jog, then order sushi and watch our cheesy teen shows (90210 & Gossip Girl). The other day I ordered take-out (read this post to find out why I really try not get take-out, sushi’s the exception) and ate it in the park.

Bliss: sitting barefoot in the park with chopsticks in hand

What’s your idea of bliss? Do you have any rituals?


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Sushi & Dragons

I spent yesterday afternoon strolling around Chinatown solo. It’s a colorful and vibrant area of Philadelphia that I don’t visit nearly enough. There are cheap eats and amazing massages (I’m kind of addicted to a woman named Lilly who climbs on my back and kneads it like a mound of bread dough- all for less than the price of an H&M dress). I ate at Sakura Mandarin on the corner of 11th & Race. It’s a cozy place with lots of locals and great lunch specials.

Miso soup: liquid nutrition

Sushi: yet another thing I adore from the East

After lunch I browsed around the various shops. I bought some tea and a few vegetables. I also couldn’t resist trying a new and crazy looking fruit.

The surprising view from the inside 

The taste reminded me of a watered-down kiwi, and it was a refreshing treat on a warm day. What Chinatown treasures have you discovered?


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