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Simple Baby: Easter Basket


Eager for warmer days

Although Max was here last Easter, he was only one month old and therefore not old enough for a basket. This year he loves taking things in and out of his toy baskets around the house so I’m going to put together something simple and sweet for him. Here’s what I have planned:

A dozen wood eggs I will dye using natural colors. Admittedly, this was not my idea. I belong to a few mommy Facebook groups and someone else ordered the eggs and organized the date. I’m looking forward to meeting new friends next weekend!

Picture found on Pinterest, this beautiful set can be found on Etsy

Genius idea: play scarf in place of icky plastic grass

He loves playing peek-a-boo! A scarf sounds like a great idea. Another grass alternative is pom poms made of yarn.

A simple board book. Maybe this one:

Classics are always in style

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Mamas, what do you plan to put in the Easter baskets?

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