Week 2: 40 in 40

I’ve slowed down a little on the decluttering, but I’m still at it little by little. We’re at our home in Florida this week.


Newly organized toys and books

Day 8: Wednesday

Goodbye dry cleaning bags and assorted trash (stashed in the closet from our November wedding).

Day 9: Thursday

Farewell bachelorette gift bags and leftover game cards. Definitely a time to hold on to the memory, not the items!

Day 10: Friday

We have tons of hand-me-down toys. I sorted through and pulled out the broken ones, plus the ones that are choking hazards. I bought really cute baskets at the Dollar Tree. Max loves to dump out the toys and throw them back in.

Day 11: Saturday

The yard: bags of leaves, extra siding and other various bits of clutter.

Day 12: Sunday

It’s not decluttering per se, but I took care of a small pile of stained clothes I’ve been avoiding for months. I soaked them in OxiClean for a few hours, washed and hung them to dry (is there a more natural alternative to fight stains?).

Day 13: Monday

I sorted through a stack of random papers and receipts. It doesn’t seem like much, but that stuff really adds up around our house.

Day 14: Tuesday

Today I plan to clean up the kitchen pantry. It’s full of wedding decorations, toys and art supplies.


Baskets for Max

What’s the hardest part of decluttering? What’s the best part?


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2 responses to “Week 2: 40 in 40

  1. Hardest – choosing where to start! Best part – what it looks like after. 🙂

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