Every Mother Counts

A few weeks ago I spent an afternoon hooked on A Cup of Jo’s Motherhood Around the World series. Joanna featured guest posts from American moms living abroad in various places such as India, Norway and Japan. I loved all of the insight, but the one post that has really stuck with me was written by Jill and Sarah in Congo. These two mamas have their own blog Mama Congo. Their post about a visit to a maternity clinic gives a little glimpse about what life is like in Africa. Needless to say, it’s not easy. My day-to-day dilemmas are small potatoes, but sometimes I find myself swept up in the trivial stuff that just doesn’t matter. Reading something like this reminds me that there are so many people suffering from serious problems like lack of food, water and medical supplies. M and I have decided to dedicate Baby Max’s first birthday to charity. We’re making a small donation to Every Mother Counts and we’ve slipped a short note in with our party invites (that’s not to say we aren’t still planning a festive shindig).

Dear Friends and Family,

We would like to express that your presence is present enough. If you feel inclined to give something, please consider a small donation to a worthwhile cause. We support Every Mother Counts, an organization dedicated to improving maternal and infant health in Africa. Thank you!

Much love,

Angela, M & Max


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