Escuelita de Verano


Friends in boat pose

This year I vowed to give back more. I started small during my recent trip to Costa Rica. A few weeks before we left I contacted Friends of Nosara to ask if I could visit the local elementary school. In Costa Rica January is considered summer and the schools close for the month. That leaves kids with nothing to do for the day, so the Surfing Nosara Foundation sponsors a summer camp with free lunch and activities for the kiddos. The English speaking coordinator Sarah was thrilled to have us visit. We volunteered to bring a blender and fruit to make smoothies and I planned to teach a yoga class. I practiced my Spanish beforehand and looked up a few key words and phrases. I also brought along these colorful cards. On the day of our visit we stopped at a roadside stand to pick up fresh bananas and pineapples. The students loved doing yoga, despite my broken Spanish. They adored Max. We had so much fun being part of the local community for the day.

IMG_3362Savasana works in any language

_DSC3275A helper adding pineapple chunks to the mix


Every student got the chance to assist

_DSC3267Patiently waiting

M and have traveled extensively, but only recently did I think to reach out to a local school for a day visit. A few years ago I spent a month volunteering in Peru and I guess I thought that giving had to be some grand gesture. That’s nice when you have the resources, but even one afternoon can brighten someone’s day or $20 can make a difference.

I would love to hear about your volunteer experiences!



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3 responses to “Escuelita de Verano

  1. sue

    I love this! I’m so proud of the person you have become!

  2. What an incredible experience! In tenth grade, I visited Costa Rica on a school trip. We stopped at a local elementary school where they performed traditional dance. Afterwards, we conversed and played hacky sack with the students and teachers. We donated school supplies and were warmly welcomed. It was one of the best experiences of my life!

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