Decluttering: Books


I have a love affair with books. But lately I’ve started to feel overwhelmed by stuff so I’ve decided to get rid of the ones I haven’t read in a few years. My tastes have changed and if I really need to read them again I can check them out at the library. I tried a yard sale last summer, but our house is pretty remote so we didn’t have too many shoppers. After six months of hoarding them in a box in the garage, plus an unsuccessful Craig’s List attempt, I’ve decided to try the online route. I used this link to enter ISBN numbers. I was surprised to find that out of 40-ish books, four were accepted from Powell’s for a grand total of $7.75, which will be deposited in my Paypal account. Powell’s pays shipping via an emailed label. The rest will be donated. It’s a little painful giving away practically new books that I paid retail for, but hopefully I can find a good cause. And remember this lesson when I want to purchase a new book in the future…



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4 responses to “Decluttering: Books

  1. interesting! I’m heading to Portland for the first time in 2 weeks and SO excited to check out Powell’s!! 😀 I have a love affair with books as well and always have 3 I want to read at one time. I try and give and swap books with friends… Also try shopping for them at thrift stores! I have gotten some scores for less than $2!

  2. What a great idea. If I had more friends that loved books I’d host a book swap party!

  3. sue

    Can always donate to your local library!
    They can be read by many people that way.

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