Grace & Glory

I went to hot power yoga this morning and liked it. I’m not usually a fan of hot yoga because the heat can be pretty intense. But at 8:30 this morning M offered to watch Baby Max and the class at my usual studio started at 9. We live in the woods, so there was no way I could make it. I’d heard about Grace & Glory through a friend so I decided to give it a go. The room was packed and it was hot. 90 degrees to be exact. But it wasn’t stifling and in the chilliness of winter it actually felt pretty good.

What really made me like the class was the teacher. For me, yoga is more than just a workout. Sure that’s what got me interested in it years ago. A workout that you don’t really have to work at? Count me in. My thoughts have changed since then as I sit here drenched in sweat next to my sleeping baby, afraid to move. The reason I really liked Nicole’s class was because she sprinkled in plenty of yoga philosophy throughout the poses. Like, “My practice is my prayer.” Yoga is movement to get rid of all the crap that is stuck inside of us, both mental and physical. Jivamukti teacher Sharon Gannon wrote about intention this month. If you do yoga with the intention of losing weight, you will probably become thinner. However, why not elevate your intentions for yourself and your life? As Sharon points out, yoga without the philosophy is gymnastics. And sure it will make your body feel good for a little while, but why not awaken something higher in ourselves? And that’s why I really loved today’s hot power yoga class. Yes, I was there for a workout and to feel better physically. But I was also there to let go of negative thoughts and aspire towards inner tranquility. And sometimes that takes a good dose of sweat.


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