A Month of Gratitude: Day 29

Happy Black Friday! Baby M and I celebrated by staying at home in our cozy pj’s and playing/snuggling all day. I used to get a big kick out of the craziness at the mall, but now I am much happier staying out of it. Meanwhile today I am thankful for YogaVibes. I just signed up for their free 15 day trial of unlimited full length yoga videos. This afternoon I practiced Anusara style yoga with North Carolina-based teacher Sarah Faircloth. It was a slower paced hip & heart opening class with positive words and vibrations.

While browsing through the blog at YogaVibes I stumbled upon Alex Jamieson’s 28 Day Enlighten Challenge. Alex is the lady from the popular documentary Super Size Me. She’s also a holistic counselor, author and natural foods chef. Her challenge starts today with the task of eating one meal by candlelight sans technology, magazines or otherwise distractions. Her Enlighten Challenge is free and can be found on Facebook. It sounds like a great way to end the year with love and inspiration.

Are you up for the challenge? What are you grateful for today?


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