Another adorable small business

My diaper trial has arrived! Prepping diapers takes some time, but we have finally started using them and I must say cloth is adorable. Today was Baby Max’s first big poo in cloth and it didn’t leak one little bit (to all the childless yogis browsing by, sorry about the poo talk. One day you’ll find it fascinating too!). So far I’m loving the GroVia shell and liner system. Baby wears a thin, lined waterproof shell with thicker cotton liners that snap in. When it’s a little mess, mama can snap out liner and replace it, leaving the outer shell. Less laundry, and fewer diapers needed. So far, so good! I’ll let you know if we end up going with that system. In the meantime, we went to Philly the other day and stopped by Cloth on East Passyunk Avenue. It’s a cute little shop that sells cloth diapers (duh) and all the goodies that go along with them.


The choices!

I couldn’t get out of there without a few purchases including a Planet Wise wet bag and a handmade wool diaper cover. I heard about Cloth through some mamas on my new Facebook group and when I stopped in I was surprised to see an old colleague from my inner city teaching days. Small world! She stopped teaching to open the store. Well, I guess she hasn’t really stopped teaching at all, just a new subject.


What are you excited about lately?

I am very excited about cloth diapers…saving money, the planet and just how adorable they are!


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  1. We tried it, worked great, and saved so much $

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