Maha Yoga

One of Philadelphia’s best yoga teachers opened her own studio recently with her girlfriend. I haven’t had a chance to go yet (new baby) but I do love her blog:

Maha Yoga: Be Great!

Justicia is an Anusara teacher who knows everything about the body. She taught the anatomy portion of my teacher training at Dhyana Yoga a few years ago. Besides for her awesome tatoos, one of the reasons we all love her so much is that she really helps her students conquer their fears. I remember back when I was deathly afraid of wheel pose. Most teachers at Dhyana offer bridge and wheel in their classes, saying something like if wheel is in your practice... After three years of yoga I was still too scared to try it. I wasn’t in pain and there was nothing physically holding me back, just fear. Justicia offered her ankles for me to grab as she guided me up and assisted my hips high. I felt amazing and the spell of fear was broken for backbends.

yoga17No fear! 

Who’s your favorite yoga teacher and why? Have you conquered a fear?

I’ve been so lucky to practice with some amazing teachers: Cailin, Jordanna and Justicia are just a few who’ve inspired me!

Next up on the fear bucket list: kicking up into handstand.




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  1. kicking up to handstand: do-able for you! When the baby world mellows out, swing in and we’ll work the inversions xoxo Justiciaa

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