Three Months

I’m the new gal in town so this past week Max and I have been working the new mommy support group circuit (La Leche League and one led by lactation consultants at the hospital) to meet friends. Next month M and I are throwing our first child-friendly party in our backyard, so I’ve been passing out invites to other mommies I come in contact with. It’s not easy moving to a new town without any friends or family, but I am determined to find a community. Or build one if necessary.

IMG_2708He’s grown so much since this picture at one month

Meanwhile, here’s the latest links I love:

Where to buy local/organic/sustainable food near you

IMG_1019yummy summer veggies

found on A gluten-free vegan mom who knows

Cool Mom Picks ~everything I didn’t now I needed but must have now!

Any tips for throwing a fun baby-friendly summer party? Recipe suggestions?



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2 responses to “Three Months

  1. I am so happy your getting out and meeting new mommies! Can’t wait to hear about your first kid party!

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