Day 1: Forward Fold

May 1st Pose of the Day: Forward Fold


My yoga practice has changed in a lot of ways since the day I found out about this little guy, but during my pregnancy I committed myself to yoga every single day. Some days that was a sweaty modified vinyasa class and some days it was 15 minutes of gentle poses on the living room floor. One thing was consistent- I ALWAYS felt better after yoga. Now I spend my days (mostly) at home by myself with six-week old Max. We have a lot of time where it’s just the two of us, and although he is by far the best thing ever I would be lying to say I’m not exhausted. This challenge from Dhyana Yoga floated my way and I thought if I’m going to be tired regardless I might as well try to resume a daily yoga practice…

Earlier this week Max and I attended a Yoga Babies class at The Yoga Garden on South Street in Philadelphia. It was awesome to connect with other new mommies and their little ones, plus I am so thankful to learn a thing or two about how to practice yoga with a sweet but demanding baby (call me naive but I kind of expected to plop him on a blanket next to me and watch him sleep for an hour).


A quiet spot to begin


Getting ready for a few poses

First things first, we set up in a comfy seat next to the mat and I nurse him regardless of when his last meal was. A full belly equals a happy baby. While he’s eating I use the time to focus on my breath. A simple count of five on each slow inhale and exhale is extremely calming and centering. When he’s done I burp him and then continue to hold him while chanting Om three times, plus anything else that feels right. The yoga babies teacher Brittany suggests Om or humming to calm a fussy baby. Next I move him to a blanket at the top of my mat. He hates this part (leaving my arms) so I keep a hand on his belly for a while and give him a pacifier. Once he starts to settle I stay near him for some cat/cow stretches. After that I have been able to practice for about 20/30 minutes as long as I talk to him and tickle him. Brittany said that babies just want to be connected to us. How sweet to think of him as a little being who wants love and connection. I might pick him up and hold him for a few poses before snuggling in for  savasana. Savasana with a baby might be a reclined rest while nursing, laying him across your belly or propping him up. Today he was bright-eyed and looking for action so I propped him on my legs while listening to this song.


Legs up the wall with a very awake & alert baby

Please join me in the Pose of the Day Challenge! I’d love for you to send me links of your poses.

Does anyone practice yoga at home with a little one? Tips?



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3 responses to “Day 1: Forward Fold

  1. My little ones crash my practice and want to join (they are 3 and 5). Usually the 3yo wants ON MY MAT with me lol it’s kind of frustrating, especially as right now I’m doing the ultimate yogi and I really need the focus! My eyes bugged out of my head a little reading headstand and handstand on the poses of the days! But, I’m committed to a daily yoga practice until mid July, so maybe I’ll attempt to get a photo of some of the poses a day (skipping headstand and handstand for sure! ha)

    • I’m sure it’s going to get tough once he’s mobile. That’s why I’m trying to get him used to yoga now. I can’t imagine with two!

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