Earth Baby

There are so many ways to celebrate this beautiful day dedicated to mother earth. How about examining the small things we do and finding ways to reduce our impact?

Before baby Max was born I read all about cloth diapers. They’re adorable, eco-friendly and cheaper in the long run but I haven’t made the switch yet. The moms I know suggested waiting until baby is two months old because newborns are so tiny the fit can be hard, plus they go more often than older babies. The jump to cloth is expensive at first as the diapers are a bit of an investment, but they pay for themselves after a few short months. Here are a few links that give all the essential tidbits for cloth diapering:

How to prep cloth diapers

Why cloth diapers

Which brands

What’s a wet bag?

If I use cloth diapers it only makes sense to use cloth wipes. My mom made me a bunch when she came to visit. I haven’t switched all the way, but they are very useful for little messes as well as in place of a  wash cloth in the tub.


The start of our project, click here for how to make them (it’s so easy!)

As for what I am doing now…trying not to buy stuff I don’t need. I didn’t go crazy with the baby registry and I tried to find larger items on Craig’s List and in local consignment shops. I also bought gently used maternity clothes. Coincidently what’s good for the earth tends to be good for my budget!

There are so many little decisions we make that can really have an impact on taking care of our planet. Click below to read last year’s posts about Earth Day:

Our Splendid Planet

Saturday Morning Sanskrit: Asteya

Small Changes

What are you doing to celebrate Earth Day? Will you make any changes in your life?


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