Bob’s Black Beans


February snow

M and I are home in New Jersey after a family filled stay in warm and sunny Florida. I was beyond delighted to watch snow cover the ground our first morning back. The chilly frost begged for a bowl of chunky hot soup and southern-style cornbread. Although this bean soup begins with a bagged mix, the fresh veggies and yummy seasonings give it a complete homemade feel. It takes a few minutes to get started (sauteing veggies), but then it’s just a quick stir every now and again while it simmers for an hour and half. The magic is in the smoked paprika which gives it a rich flavor that usually comes from something like a ham hock. This recipe is entirely veggie-based and hungry-man approved!


Easy, healthy & delicious


A few modifications based on the contents in my fridge: no corn, canned whole tomatoes blended and carrots & sweet potatoes instead of butternut squash




Vegan cheddar jalapeno cornbread, recipe from the Spork Sisters

How are you staying warm? What are your favorite winter foods?

I love oatmeal in the morning and all types of soups: miso, chili, white bean…


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