Baby Bump

Last Saturday my friends threw me a sweet baby shower in Florida. Since the baby’s nursery will be an “ocean zen” theme the party was held at a waterside restaurant with nautical decor. The night before my brother adorned my belly with henna. We bought this kit on amazon ahead of time. I’ve had henna before that barely showed up, so I have to say that I was very impressed by the quality and color.


Beach belly love

Friday night at my parents’ house:


My talented brother drawing freehand with a little design inspiration

Saturday afternoon at Ozona Blue:


Gambling on the due date


I wore a dress for the shower, but showed off the henna at the end with a pair of shorts that were tucked away in my purse

Saturday night at Honeymoon Island:


Always a beautiful sunset on the West Coast of Florida



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3 responses to “Baby Bump

  1. You are simply radiant in that last photo (Well, of you, not the sunset!). I love how pregnancy makes women glow. Keep shining!

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