Nicaraguan Babymoon

Babymoon~ a vacation taken during pregnancy with your significant other

Road trip; Central America

M and I spent the week on quite an adventure in Nicaragua. We flew into the capital city of Managua (pronounce muh-naw-wah) and drove through city, countryside and small towns for four hours to Aqua Wellness Resort, an eco-friendly hotel along the Pacific coast. A fellow traveler posted on Frommer’s that driving in Nicaragua is not for the faint of heart, and I give M a lot of credit for chauffeuring me around this week (Frommer’s is my most trusted source of travel info). After three nights of quiet relaxation we headed to the colonial city of Granada for historical architecture and some hustle and bustle.

Here are the highlights:

Passionfruit ginger smoothie

Granola with locally grown cashews

Always ripe fresh fruit

Best food & drink:

Jugo natural: fruit juices usually blended up on the spot, cheap and delicious!
Gallo pinto with maduros: rice and beans with fried plantains
Juicy pineapple, watermelon and papaya

Top Three Nica Experiences:

Watching the monkeys swing through the trees at dusk right outside our villa
Three days of 8 am yoga on a platform overlooking the ocean
Splashing around in the warm waters of Laguna Apoyo, a crater lake at the base of a volcano

Best value:

One hour couples massage in San Juan Del Sur: $50
Tire patched in Granada: $2

San Juan Del Sur~ Nicaragua’s “touristy” town

Biggest Surprise:

The rental car company did not provide a map (three gas stations and a hotel later we found one)

Know Before You Go:

How to change a tire if you plan to rent a car
A few Spanish phrases; especially left, right and straight

Thank goodness for my manly man


Juice at Laguna Apoyo; a warm-water crater lake outside of Granada

A magical spot

Baby-related highlight from the trip:

I felt him/her move for the first time…and then many times after that

A woman working at our hotel in Granada asked me if I knew the baby’s sex yet. She made a prediction based on my belly, which M found amazing that she even knew I was pregnant since I kind of look like I’ve gained the freshman 15. Anyway, I wouldn’t tell him what she said (the conversation was in Spanish) but we’ll find out the answer this week. My appointment’s tomorrow and I plan to have the technician write the sex on a paper and seal it in an envelope. M and I will find out along with friends and family this Saturday at our “Gender Reveal” party. In case you haven’t heard yet, they’re all the rage for expecting moms and dads.

Have you been to Nicaragua or another Central American country? Please share travel highlights and experiences!

 Would you find out the sex of your baby or wait until they’re born?



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12 responses to “Nicaraguan Babymoon

  1. Hi! I really love your blog. I nominated you for the sunshine awards.

  2. Love the sounds of a babymoon! How I have to know, was this lady right with her prediction? Did she predict a boy? haha Looks like you had a nice vacation. And agreed – thank goodness for manly men!

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  4. My husband and I just booked almost the exact same trip and I’ll be 26 weeks when we go. We’ve been all around the world and never shied away from adventure, but all of the sudden I’m feeling a little freaked out about safety in Nicaragua–especially when, like you, we’ll be renting a car and driving around alone. Did you ever feel unsafe? I’m thinking that maybe pregnancy is making me feel overly cautious. Thanks for your post, it was a great read with great tips! -AG

    • Hi Allison, thanks for the compliment! I felt safe the whole time. People are nice and since there aren’t a lot of tourists yet there’s not the usual harassment to buy stuff that I’ve experienced in many other places. Like I wrote in the post…bring a good map and make sure you know some Spanish. I’m usually pretty adventurous when it comes to food, but since traveling while pregnant I’ve been more cautious. One restaurant on the beach (in a tiny village) didn’t have running water so we decided to eat at the hotel. One of our favorite restaurants was El Tercer Ojo…there’s a location in Granada and Managua. It was so good we visited both! Have fun!

  5. Digna

    HI! My hubs and I are considering a babymoon to San Juan del Sur during my 17th and 18th weeks. We’re completely stoked about the idea, but I can ABSOLUTELY hear both of our families throwing all sorts of fits about traveling to a under-developed country, blah blah. Did you run into any of that from friends/family? How did you find Nicaragua in terms of the risk factor? I don’t plan on doing any sky-diving or deep-sea diving, and we’re on track with a healthy pregnancy at the moment.

  6. Digna, I think my family has given up on throwing fits at this point. We do get “jokes” about being cautious, but they know we are pretty travel savvy and wouldn’t do anything risky. Nicaragua is definitely rustic in comparison to most places we’ve been. They don’t have much of a tourist infrastructure (that I noticed anyway), but the people were all very friendly. Driving is a little bit crazy. There are barely any signs, plenty of dirt roads and in town people swarm around cars walking in the street and carrying on with their business. It’s out of the norm for us Americans, but in my opinion, completely safe. San Juan del Sur is an adorable little town with awesome beach side restaurants. We wish we could have spent more time there! I got a great massage in town super cheap. I told them I was pregnant and asked if I could lay on my side for half the time and then switch to the other side. People are much more laid back in foreign countries. I hope you have fun!

    • Digna

      Let me tell you I was SHOCKED when I spoke with my parents this weekend and both of them weren’t just supportive but they pushed for the trip. TICKETS ARE BOOKED!! Thanks so much for the reply; we definitely can’t wait to go!

  7. Enjoy that time with your hubby!

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