120 Days

A New Jersey sunrise

The other day I posted about my favorite pregnancy book: Bountiful, Beautiful Blissful. Gurmukh explains that there is a special yoga tradition that honors the arrival of a baby’s soul on the 120th day after conception. Click here for a great blog post about it. According to my due date, that day is today. Gurmukh writes, “When the soul enters the body, a baby’s subconscious mind begins to develop and absorb a multitude of messages, the way a dry sponge soaks up water.” So from this day forward it becomes even more important to maintain a positive and happy environment for the growing baby. While that’s not easy to do with pregnancy hormones and emotions, one thing I’d like to do is start a daily mediation practice. I tried last year, but found it really hard to stick with. However, most things worthwhile are challenging so I’m ready to give it another go. Plus I have an added incentive… it’s not just for me anymore.

Do you meditate? Any advice for sticking with it? 

Two links with heartfelt pregnancy advice:

Pregnancy yoga and Gurmukh

Six tips to live a mindbodygreen pregnancy


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