Baby News!

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes…

We’re doing things a little out of order. I’m thrilled to share the good news that I’m expecting a baby this spring. It came as a happy surprise. I’ve been pretty absent from blogging lately because being pregnant has totally pooped me out. But now the first trimester is done and I’m starting to feel like myself again. Well, the self that loves carbs and doesn’t drink or go out past 10 p.m. I’ve been reading some really beautiful pregnancy books that I will post about soon. In the meantime please share your favorite mommy blogs, especially those that are eco-friendly, do-it-yourself or just plain adorable. Thanks!



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9 responses to “Baby News!

  1. So exciting! Best wishes. Not a blog, but you can get great info from including references to many mommy-blogs. Careful with all the internet input though. It can make you craaaaaaazy.

  2. is a great blog about a mother of 3 with a great sense of humor and is about a stylish mom who is expecting her second baby soon.

  3. Congratulations!!! I have just the blog reco for you: a classmate of mine gave birth in May. In her blog she chronicles her experience of pregnancy, having a home birth, breastfeeding and co-sleeping all from a naturopathic medical student’s point of view.

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  5. Now that’s news I wasn’t expecting to hear. Congratulations!

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