Sunset in Marrakesh

A few weeks ago I mentioned that M and I were throwing a Moroccan-themed bash at our newly remodeled house. One of my best friends from Florida came up for the weekend to help me cook (we made all the food ourselves) and decorate. I decided to keep the engagement a secret until the party. That was five days of keeping quiet, but it was worth it to surprise everyone at once. It was Holly’s idea to play Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies” and then announce that M would never have to hear me sing that song again.

The deck turned into a lounge

The spread

Dessert: fruit salad with basil & vegan sugar cookies

Dress code: white

From left: me, Liz, Holly, Wania

The Menu:

  • zucchini and mint bruschetta
  • carrot salad with cinnamon, raisins and almonds
  • green salad with orange balsamic dressing
  • cucumber tomato dill salad
  • stewed chickpeas and tomatoes
  • roasted curry cauliflower
  • couscous
  • spinach with orange juice and almonds
  • hummus with pita chips and veggies
  • fruit salad
  • sugar cookies flavored with almond extract

Everything was vegan and it was all hit. There were about 20 people and only one was vegetarian (M and I still eat seafood), but everyone loved that we had healthy and light fare. We danced all night, which probably wouldn’t have happened with traditional meat-heavy Moroccan dishes. I was having too much fun to take a lot of pics, so I’ll share more when party guests email them to me.

Any ideas for a great party theme?



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3 responses to “Sunset in Marrakesh

  1. Angela, Congrats on your engagement. I was cracking up at you “Single Ladies” way of announcing.
    And the feast looks awesome!

  2. Thanks! When I told M our plan with the song he rolled his eyes and said, “I thought the point of giving you the ring was so that I didn’t have to hear that song anymore.”

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