Vila d’Eivissa

While it’s true we spent most of our time in Ibiza napping on the beach and dancing at clubs, M and I did find the time to tour the old port town. A little bit of travel trivia: Spanish (as we know it) is not the first language for many people in Spain. Ibiza and Barcelona are located in a region called Catalonia, where most people speak Catalan. Hence, the proper spelling for the island is Eivissa according to the locals. I found it interesting that some islanders preferred to communicate in English rather than the Spanish that I know (which is called Castilian). One restaurant server told me that it’s because some people on the island aren’t really fluent in Castilian Spanish. Street signs and government building are all labeled in Catalan and everyone is proud of their cultural heritage.


Do-it-yourself toppings

Followed by paella that I forgot to take a picture of

Lemon & mandarin sorbet at the bottom of the hill

Do you have any travel trivia that you’ve learned along the way?


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