Veggie Travels

M and I just got back from a week in Spain. It’s one of my favorite places in the world, but more about that later. I wanted to share how impressed I was with the veggie meal on my U.S. Airways flight. They have a non-dairy vegetarian option that’s actually pretty good. (Just call ahead and request it, there’s no extra charge.)

Fruit salad with coconut shavings, green salad with Italian dressing & Spanish rice and veggies with lemon wedges

Once we got to Barcelona, we had a few hours to kill before boarding a smaller plane to Ibiza. We munched on salads and chips. Again, I was impressed with our airport dining choices.

Salad #1: chickpeas, tomatoes and lettuce

Salad #2: corn, olives & carrots

They must be healthy because they’re coated in olive oil…

Just kidding, but a girl’s gotta crunch once in a while

How do you get your veggies while traveling?



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2 responses to “Veggie Travels

  1. Veggies while traveling… hmm, I was so concerned about that when I went to Egypt in 2005 (not being able to eat them raw) that I brought along jars of baby food. That was pretty disgusting! I improved my packing the following year when we went to China/Tibet by bringing boxes of Vroot, a veggie/fruit juice combo. Those were much more palatable (and not quite as clunky as glass jars of Gerber!).

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