Five Links

*The five links I’m referring to are in bold, the rest are just the background story. Enjoy and please share what you’re reading online!

1. Have you heard of Kathy Freston? She’s another gorgeous vegan author who’s always got a positive spin on life. A few months ago I read her book Veganist, which is full of cheerful advice, suggestions and personal stories. Click here for a short interview with her.

I’ll have what she’s having please.

2. Fellow blogger/yogini Lindsey found a veggie food truck in NYC…how cool is that?

3. I have an attractions to bucket lists, even if I don’t finish them on time. As with most things, I’ve decided it’s more about the intention than the outcome. Here’s a link for the the cutest summer bucket list idea ever.

Originally found on pinterest, picture taken by Jenny & Josh Solar

4. There are days I could use some hints for shifting my perspective. I like this simple list: Five Ways to Let Go of Your Story

5. And last but not least… summer traveling with the Spork Sisters. I adore these lovely ladies as well (click here to read about a cooking class with them, or here to get the recipe that wowed M’s family). By the way, I’m away this week myself… so I will be back with veggie pics in a few days. xoxo

What’s tickling your fancy on the internet (or elsewhere)?


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