Strawberry~Rhubarb Crisp

I have a binder chock full of recipes I plan to make someday

Many were torn from magazines, a few were printed from the internet. Some I’ve actually made. This particular recipe’s been in there since last summer. I can’t find the original link, but this one is close enough. (The only difference is that my original said to sweeten with sugar, this one uses agave nectar.)

Stalks of rhubarb from the farmers’ market

Chopped solo

Mixed with strawberries and sugar

The crumble ingredients

(Oh yeah, I used whole wheat pastry flour…yummy and M had no idea)

2 minis and one to split later

Topped with vanilla So Delicious almond milk ice cream

Do you have a recipe binder? What’s in it?

Have you tried rhubarb?

This was my first taste and it was amazing! You  must make this recipe!!! Plus the ice cream was amazing awesome. Seriously good…


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