Cheers for Chipotle

How ironic… I dissed on fast food joints last week, but today I have to give a little bit of credit where it’s due. Chipotle‘s got it going on with (some) organic ingredients, yummy veg options and an eco-friendly bowl for tortilla-less burritos. I wouldn’t catergorize Chipotle as fast food, but since it’s a chain I was extra impressed by their efforts.

Rice & beans with plenty of veggies

A little crumpled...but still good news

So since starting this blog last year I’ve started to eliminate dairy most of the time. Some friends have asked me what it means to be vegan. Or actually, how it’s possible to give up cheese and still enjoy life. I’m not strict everyday, but I think Mexican is one of the easiest cuisines to eliminate animal products from. Here’s what was in my veggie bowl (and it was absolutely delish!):

  • brown rice with cilantro (yay Chipotle for having brown rice and organic cilantro!)
  • sautéed onions and peppers
  • black beans
  • scoop of mild salsa (chunky tomatoes) and medium (pureed roasted tomatoes)
  • corn salad
  • guacamole
  • lettuce

There was enough flavor and texture to keep things interesting, and I promise you that I did not miss the cheese.

What’s your favorite veggie option at restaurants? What tastes delicious without the cheese?



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3 responses to “Cheers for Chipotle

  1. I’m a Chipotle addict too and yes they have the best rice bowl!

  2. Chipotle is one of my favorite places. They even try to source some of their veggies locally! So easy to go with a vegan option there!

  3. Your meal is what I order all the time at Chipotle, minus the corn salsa (too hot for me!) and with cheese. It’s the one fast-food place I don’t mind going to, plus the guacamole is to die for. The food is always great, the staff is friendly, and the place is always clean. Go Chipotle!

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