Wind & Weather

Whew, what a weekend. Friday night my good friend Liz came for a sleepover and some sun at the shore. In the middle of the night we woke to a windy storm that we didn’t know was coming. Lighting flashed nonstop and M gathered us and Sophie (the dog I was watching for the week) into the living room to hide behind the couch. A tree fell through the roof in the guest bathroom and the power’s been out ever since. We’re all safe, but Mays Landing looks a little disheveled.

Our front yard

We’ll be sans electricity for a while….

Sophie in the backyard

Get it before it goes bad…coconut yogurt, granola, honey and bananas

Lots of thoughts…I’m happy this didn’t happen during the construction of our house, we would have had a huge mess. This must be nothing compared to what New Orleans felt like during Hurricane Katrina (actually that was Liz’s thought). On Saturday Liz and I only had one bottle of water each and all the stores within a 30 minute drive were closed. It was 95 degrees and we had to conserve. (Our house has well water that doesn’t work when the power is out. I had no idea.) The only thing we had to drink was almond milk and Perrier (which I usually mix with vodka and a splash of nonexistent juice). I should be more prepared. I felt real compassion for people that don’t have access to running water, particulary in third world countries. Most of all I feel thankful that no one was hurt and everything’s going to be okay.

In case you’re wondering, I’m at a Panera 45 minutes away. I have an appointment around here this afternoon so I’m taking advantage of wifi and iced coffee while I can. A little window shopping at Anthropologie doesn’t hurt either.

When was the last time you were taken out of your comfort zone?



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5 responses to “Wind & Weather

  1. WOAH! Such a scary storm, and your poor bathroom! It’s incidents like that that make me happy the huge sycamore tree in our front yard was chopped down last fall for a street expansion project. It was always dropping huge limbs everywhere, and anytime we had a windy day I feared the whole thing would come toppling into our master bedroom (which is in the attic of our house).

    I hope you have power restored by now!

    • It’s funny about trees. I didn’t want to get rid of any because I feel like they’ve been around so long and are part of nature. We were trying to figure out a way to have a driveway without cutting down any trees. The two that were in the way came down, along with plenty of others.
      6 days and no power yet. I haven’t been staying at home though, so I’ve got nothing to complain about.

      • You are so lucky to have somewhere else to stay. 6 days!! That’s hurricane-level damage. Man.

      • Oh my gosh, I am sooooo lucky. I cannot believe that there are people in 2012 that live without running water! I don’t mind the heat, but water is another story. BTW, I’m thankfully back home after 8 days. The house was starting to smell like a portapotty.

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