While in Maine we ventured off the beaten track to the easternmost (contiguous) point of the United States: Lubec, ME. It was a two-hour car ride up the coast along quaint country roads. Lubec is a small town with about four restaurants and a gorgeous harbor. We went for whale watching because the tours in Bar Harbor were sold out. While we weren’t lucky enough to spot any humpbacks, we did see seals, porpoises and a pair of baby bald eagles.

The main drag

The back view of Lubec, as seen from a lobster boat out at sea

Lubec’s population is around 1,500 and it may be one of the smallest towns I’ve ever seen. Here’s a trivia fact from our tour: back in the Rockefeller days upper class families kept staff at their homes in Bar Harbor. These people in the service industry were making decent money and wanted a place to go on their days off. Uppity families didn’t want their workers dining at the same restaurants so Lubec became a vacation destination for the new middle class.

Have you been to any quaint small towns?


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  1. Sounds amazing! My college town of Wolfville, NS Canada was about 3,000 people and there are tons of tinier towns in the surrounding area. I loved it… since it was a college town there were some great cultural spots, restaurants and pubs. Highly recommend a visit to Nova Scotia for everyone 🙂

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