Bar Harbor

Road Trip American Style: Maine

I journeyed from South Jersey to Bar Harbor, Maine  and back with five boys (my brother, nephew, boyfriend and his two sons) for hiking and family fun complete silliness. Check out one of America’s most stunning places:

Our first hike in Acadia National Park

The view from the top

A Maine specialty

In front of our little cottage

Oatmeal with wild Maine blueberries and blueberry syrup

Popovers at Jordan Pond House

Sweeten-it-yourself lemonade

The Kitchen Garden Salad with amazing homemade citrus vinaigrette

Lunch with a view: Jordan Pond

An after-lunch dip in 50 degree waters at Sand Beach (there’s an Arctic current!)

What are your favorite all-American places? What would be your pick for a family vacation?



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