Tomato Basil Quinoa

Summer sun means juicy ripe tomatoes and fresh fragrant basil leaves. Toss them together with a simple vinaigrette, quinoa, pine nuts and a few extra greens for a tasty salad that’s easy to make and take on the go.

Click here for the recipe that inspired this combo. I used Ari’s dressing and basic proportions to piece together this salad, which served 2:

  • 2 cups cooked quinoa (leftover from the previous day)
  • 2 tomatoes chopped
  • 2 cups CSA greens
  • 1 cup basil
  • 1/4 cup pine nuts

Chopped salad leaves and basil mixed together with tomato chunks

I packed this yummy dish to bring to a yoga workshop in Philadelphia led by Alex Holmes. She’s an amazing teacher and if you are ever in the area I highly recommend taking her class. She’s a former dancer who studies under Shiva Rea. Alex teaches a flow style that’s graceful and fun. This workshop was about sequencing your own yoga classes in a creative way that makes sense. It was an awesome opportunity to collaborate with other teachers and share ideas. I taught part of the sequence last night it was a hit with my yoga students.

Happy Weekend! Any plans?

My little nephew turns nine today and he’s flying in from Florida with my brother.  M, his boys and I are bringing balloons and signs to the airport to greet them off the plane. Can’t wait to surprise him!



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3 responses to “Tomato Basil Quinoa

  1. Great recipe! Come and link up and share the goodness with the rest of the party… Hope to see you there 🙂

    • Thanks for the invite…although there were a few additions not from the box (tomatoes & seasonings). I’ll still link up. Looking forward to seeing what everyone else is making.

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