Sunset in Marrakesh

Our house is well on its way to being a real home, so it’s time for us to plan a real party. I checked with friends to set a date and we all agreed on a Saturday in August. Until then I get to dream and plan away (which is half the fun). And right now I’m loving pinterest….

(All pictures are taken from Pinterest with credit whenever I could find the original source)

So simple, yet sexy

The daytime version

Mint + champagne + grapefruit = amazing

White lanterns

Don’t you love this dress?


Eggplant dip

White strawberry-lemon sangria

Couscous with saffron

Adore this room

Do you like themed parties? Any ideas for sunset in Marrakesh?

P.S. I found loads of beautiful pics but I’m too tired to cut and paste any more links. Click here to see the rest.


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