Stone Harbor

South Jersey is full of cute little towns. Yesterday my mom and I explored a new one down at the shore (new to us that is). She’s visiting from Florida for a long weekend and we’re having fun as tourists together. We took a walk on the beach, shopped around town, lunched on salads and grabbed some fresh produce from a market stand on our way home. We finished the day with a homemade dinner of pasta & veggies loaded with plenty of garlic. Yum!

Two Florida girls can’t resist a walk in the sand

The Garden of Eden salad at Green Cuisine

Mom’s Middle Eastern Sampler

A dressing so delish I’ve gotta make it at home

Whole wheat penne with garlic, tomatoes, zucchini, squash, onions, asparagus and CSA bok choy (at least I think it’s bok choy)

I hope you are having a veggie-licious weekend!



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2 responses to “Stone Harbor

  1. Aunt Lori

    Hi Angela, Aunt Lori here, Just wanted to tell you, I enjoy your posts and pics. The food looks soooo amazing!! Love ya

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