The Classic Diner

Thanks for listening to yesterday’s rant. I’m back to cheery posts today as I dream about Saturday’s sandwich:

A savory spread

Over the weekend my friend Liz and I caught up on chit chat over jumbo sandwiches at the Classic Diner in Malvern, PA. Mine was an open-faced portabella with roasted red peppers, zucchini and a delicious side salad. Yum! And by the way, much better than “classic diner” food.

How do you feel about diner food?

I’m not a fan and my boyfriend M loves it. Thank goodness this place was much better/fresher/healthier/tastier than the average diner. I’ll be back for sure!



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2 responses to “The Classic Diner

  1. Diner food as a veggie is no fun for me. All I can usually find is a heavy, greasy grilled cheese sandwich. This diner looks great! I want to try to make that sandwich at home! 🙂

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