Small Changes

Happy Earth Day!

Yummy local veggies

What could be better than the whole world working together to protect and honor our planet? I love that we have a worldwide holiday dedicated to a clean and healthy environment. There’s so many things we can do to take care of Earth, one of the biggest impacts being our diet. Before you click off this post and move on to something else, just hear me out. I promise I won’t nag you to become a vegetarian! Life’s about balance and we’re all different. With that being said, we all know that excessive meat consumption is terrible for the environment (not to mention the human body) so I think a great place to start is Meatless Monday.

Environmental Defense estimates that, “If every American had one meat-free day per week (it) would be the same as taking 8 million cars off American roads.” (You can read the rest of the article here.)

Lucky for us, veggies are soooooo delicious!

Salad at Serafina

A serious veggie burger

Warm spinach and fig salad

There are tons of awesome websites with great veggie recipes. Here’s a few to get you started:

Quinoa avocado salad

Sweet potatoes & barley

Here are a few links that I find helpful:

Zen Habit’s How to Become a Vegetarian the Easy Way

Gradual Vegetarianism: The Easy Way to a Slim Waist

Angela’s road to health

How are you celebrating Earth Day? Will you participate in Meatless Monday?


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