Our Splendid Planet

Adorable cards, found on Etsy

When I was a first grade teacher I would ask the students in my class to write thank you letters to the earth. It was so cute to see what they were grateful for. And while I’m not ambitious enough for a letter today, here’s a list of what I love about our planet:

  • sunshine, baby blue skies, clouds shaped like animals, the smell of salty water, napping in soft green grass, jogging barefoot in the sand, spotting dolphins playing in ocean waves, the silence of a forest, the awe-inspiring view from the side of a cliff, sprouts breaking ground, seeing a baby animal hatch from an egg, jumping into a cold lake on a hot day, seasonal veggies, Florida oranges, smooth stones, ladybugs & butterflies, stars, dewy flowers after the rain, birds’ nests, that everything’s works in cycle, manatees, crunchy leaves… the list goes on and on!

Glacier National Park in Montana last July

St. Augustine Beach, Florida

A calm moment at the Jersey Shore

Nature’s candy

What do you love about Earth?



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2 responses to “Our Splendid Planet

  1. I watched a robin outside my kitchen window today carrying a dryer sheet back and forth from our eaves to our neighbor’s roof. It was the funniest, cutest thing, this determined bird gripping this giant sheet in its little beak. Animals work hard to create a nice home!

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