Poppy’s Bagels

I’d pretty much given up on bagels since I left Astoria, New York five years ago. I had the best shop on my corner, where $3 could buy a warm toasted bagel smeared with cream cheese and a glass of freshly pressed orange juice. Luckily I loved walking around the city, because that became my meal several times a week. Shopping for bagels in Philadelphia proved futile, and personally I don’t see the point in eating a bagel unless it’s chewy in the middle and crusty on the outside. Fast forward to yesterday’s excitement: M brought bagels home from a local spot in the woods. They were everything I’ve been dreaming of since my grad school days in NY. Our friends loved all the traditional toppings; cream cheese, egg salad and so on. I veggie-fied mine with stuff I had for a creamy, crunchy, chewy satisfying breakfast. Yum!

Pumpernickle toasted with avocado, greens, tomato slices and freshly cracked pepper

Same toppings, different bagel: sun-dried tomato

Are you picky about bagels? Do you have any local spots that you love?


I’ve been living in the woods of South Jersey for a few months. So far, I’m thrilled about these bagels and a local Asian restaurant.



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2 responses to “Poppy’s Bagels

  1. Funny that you write about this, because I’ve recently become obsessed with getting fresh egg white, Swiss, and spinach bagel sandwiches. I got the craving a few weeks ago for one on an Everything bagel, stopped at a strip mall bagel shop, and stumbled across a great menu. I like making bagel sandwiches at home too, but there’s something just so good about a sizzling fried egg pressed perfectly by someone else. Unwrapping the foil, peeling off the cheese…mmm!

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