Breakfast for Dinner

Vegan kale & sausage with cheesy grits

Last night I made breakfast for dinner and tried out a new recipe. It was a tribute to my semi-Southern heritage (is Florida considered the South?). Growing up, my mom used to make grits for my brother and me all the time. I kinda stopped eating them when I moved “up North” because they’re one delicacy that can’t be found in many restaurants. But now that I’m learning how to cook, grits are no longer a long-lost memory. This vegan version uses “cheese” sauce made from cashews, beer and almond milk. Interesting combo, I know but somehow it turned out delicious.

Philadelphia local

Hungry Hungarian boyfriend approved

I told M they were “cheesy” grits and with no questions asked he loved them. As for the sausage, tastes like the real thing… Field Roast brand Italian flavor.

What foods did you grow up with? Do you make them for yourself now? Do you ever cook breakfast for dinner?

I used to dine on cereal for dinner in college. Not the healthy stuff either, more like Cookie Crunch or Rice Krispie Treat Cereal.



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6 responses to “Breakfast for Dinner

  1. There’s nothing like breakfast for dinner. And this particular recipe looks delicious. I’ll have to try it!

  2. marcy

    Really loved your pasta. The mushrooms seemed to. “Pop” in your mouth . Very filling!!!!

  3. Oh, college. I used to live on pre-packaged ham/cheese/egg breakfast sandwiches for dinner. I’d probably get sick now if I ate one of those. Barf!

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