Yogurt Yumminess

A sweet start to Sunday morning:

Dried cranberries & pecan pieces with orange wedges

I’ve been trying out dairy-free yogurts. Stonyfield’s organic soy in vanilla is super-yummy but high in sugar, so I like it as a treat once in a while. So Delicious has a Greek style coconut yogurt that comes in plain and kind-of tastes like the real thing. Both take care of the yogurt craving, especially when topped with nuts and dried fruit.

Toppings from above + dried prunes

I’m such a nerd, I put the pecans in the little bowl so they wouldn’t get soggy in the yogurt while I ate the orange.

Eating on the couch, kitchen table in the works

Our water-damaged table

M is sanding it down to restain (a much harder task than I thought, I failed with my attempt to help…but I’m very impressed with his manly muscles)

What are you a nerd about? Have you fixed up anything lately?

Happy Easter!


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