Addicted to Pinterest

I’ve joined the rest of the online world with a new account to Pinterest. For those who haven’t heard yet, it’s like a virtual clipboard where you “pin” things you love, and as you can tell by the title of this post it is highly addicting. Click here to see all the things I’ve pinned or scroll down for a summary of a few things I adore (all the pics are from pinterest with links to the original blogger/photographer):

Craft organization ideas found here

Pinned Image

Grapefruit mojito by Iowa blogger Kristin

Pinned Image

Beet & potato chips with thyme rock salt (need mandoline slicer now!)

Pinned Image

 This gorgeous home decorating blog

Pinned Image

Vegan Orange Julius (Reminds me of Gulfview Square Mall in my hometown)

Pinned Image

Adorable and a total upgrade from the NYC subway map I used to have on the back of my college dorm door

Are you on pinterest?


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