Jivamukti Jive

This weekend I had no plans and the urge to wander so I took mass transit to NYC and couch crashed at my best friend’s apartment in the Upper West Side. Before I met up with friends I paid a visit to the Jivamukti Yoga School in Union Square for a class and lunch. One of my favorite yoga teachers in Philly studies there, so I was excited to check it out for myself. The space was cool, practice was fun and lunch was veggie and delicious. There was a great little shop, but since the class was pretty pricy ($20…and the most I’ve ever paid for a regular yoga class) I refrained from purchasing anything extra. All in all I was happy and left wishing there was a yoga school/center by me that had all the good stuff like this one.

A yoga studio with a vegan cafe…what more could I ask for?

A thank you card for my bestie’s roommate, written with my favorite pen

I took a menu for kitchen inspiration

How was your weekend? Were you involved in any April Fool’s Day pranks?


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