A quaint little Asian spot in the woods

One of the things I miss the most about Philadelphia is the amazing restaurant scene. It’s true that I want to learn how to cook and prepare my own meals (most of the time)  and I absolutely adore my spacious suburban kitchen. But sometimes a girl’s gotta get lunch on the go. This place was recommended by someone I work with and it doesn’t disappoint. They even have brown rice.

General Tso’s Tofu

Steamed veggies with brown rice

I call it Hi Me

M and I shared the two dishes above; what I like to call a combo of naughty & nice. The General Tso’s tofu was a first and rocked my world. Plain steamed veggies balanced out the sweet sauce. I’m thrilled to have this locally-owned eatery close by.

What’s your favorite naughty & nice lunch combo?

I love french fries and salad!



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2 responses to “Hime

  1. Not sure about lunch, but I sometimes like to crumble cookies into my oatmeal!

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