Friday Smiles

A list of stuff I’m loving this week:

Living room yoga

I’m wishing M would agree to skip the furniture and keep the living room as a yoga studio.Wouldn’t that be fun?

Gorgeous end-of-winter colors

Dreaming of coffee and bread…

A soy & rice milk latte with a fresh Italian roll

I brought my own milk to my friend’s house a few weeks ago. Her hubby whipped up this latte using only a whisk. Pretty impressive if you ask me!

Other sources of joy this week:

This article about spreading yoga in Atlantic City

Finding home inspiration at Apartment Therapy

Planning to make this “cheese”

This website tells you what to plant according to the week and your zip code

Plus, I’m almost done with my week without sugar, gluten and alcohol (minus those chocolate almonds I couldn’t resist yesterday, at least they where sweetened with organic dried cane syrup…I tried my best)

What are you smiling about this week?


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One response to “Friday Smiles

  1. Wânia

    I can truly understand you want to keep the living room Yoga, with such a wonderful view, Amazing…

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