Spring Cleaning

Cherry blossoms in a neighbor’s yard

Happy spring! It’s the moment all us Floridians living up north have been waiting for. Although admittedly, this winter wasn’t really that bad…anyway today is the official start to lighter jackets, umbrellas, cute rain boots, birds chirping, flower blooms and baby animals. It’s time to let go of winter’s heaviness (mental & physical) and take a gulp of fresh air. This article from Yoga Journal tells how we can get rid of any winter sludge we might be holding onto. I’m celebrating spring with a week of (light) detox. For me, that means I’m taking a break from sugar, alcohol and gluten. I’m eating a vegan whole foods diet (vegan means nothing from animals, whole foods means nothing processed). I started Sunday and to be honest I’m really missing chocolate and bread but it’s not like I’m going hungry or anything.

Stocked & ready to go

About to be pressed


Today’s combo: juiced parsley, kale, strawberries and an apple with a squeeze of lemon and a tablespoon of aloe vera added to the glass at the end. *This was tasty, but took a lot of kale. It needs cucumber, celery or something else with high water content to make a full glass of juice.

And my first meal al fresco:

Swiss chard

Spring onions

Miso soup with chunky mushrooms & chives

Sautéed onions & swiss chard with chopped kalamata olives, capers, a squeeze of lemon juice and gomasio

What do you like best about spring?

Where to start? I like walks in nature, strolls through the city (Philadelphia & New York), picnics, fresh blossoms, sitting outside at cafes, napping in the grass and wearing sandals.

Are you doing any spring cleaning or detoxing? What do you need or want to get rid of?

Currently organizing the kitchen, donating unused things and trying to clear clutter. Physically detoxing and mentally detoxing with the mantra: find the joy in life. I keep repeating it to myself when I remember and it brings a smile to my face as I look around and find something to appreciate.

What brings you joy?

Sunshine, animals, fresh veggies and conversations with good friends



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2 responses to “Spring Cleaning

  1. Your refrigerator looks like an enclosed farmers market! I love that it’s bursting with real foods.

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