Saturday Morning Sanskrit: Kula

I love getting nerdy with fellow yogis by delving deep into philosophical discussions on all things yoga. Learning Sanskrit is part of yoga because Sanskrit is the language of yoga. It’s an ancient Indian language that’s probably spoken by more Californians than Indians these days. As my teacher Zhenja la Rosa pointed out, part of the magic of Sanskrit is that the words don’t have any significance to us, so we can fill them in with definitions that are personal and meaningful.

Yogini “dancers” Wania & Liz on the beach

I hope to make Saturday Morning Sanskrit a weekly thing with today’s post as the kick-off. Without further ado, the word of the weekend is Kula.

Birds of a feather…

Kula means community, and specifically it means the community that you choose to be a part of. It’s the friends that share your values and hold  you up to the best version of yourself. To me, kula is the friend who asks all the hard questions but doesn’t judge any of the answers. It’s also the friend who makes you smile. Kula can be translated to mean community of the heart.

Kula doesn’t have to be family, but it can be (my brother and I last summer on a hike in Glacier National Park, Montana)

What does “kula” mean to you?



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4 responses to “Saturday Morning Sanskrit: Kula

  1. Sanskrit is so powerful, even if we don’t grasp its meaning – just the way things are arranged, either in a mantra or in a chant – it works without us “understanding” it the way how we normally define “to understand” something, i.e. by using the brain. If we use the heart, it works 🙂

  2. Wânia

    It was a powerful great weekend! It shows how much I have to learn, the endless school called life makes us students forever. 🙂

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