Playa Del Carmen

Playa Del Carmen in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico is one of my favorite places in the entire world. It’s my dream to move here and teach yoga at the beach. This weekend I’ve gathered in this sunny spot with M and 6 of our friends for my first group vacation involving a plane ride. Most airport food is unhealthy, overpriced and just plain disappointing, so I brought a brown bag for each of us. Lunch contents included: walnut cranberry muffins, an apple, an orange, two chocolate chocolate chip cookies and a quinoa salad.

No lettuce = no worries about sogginess

One bag each, prepared the night before

Orange Quinoa Salad
(Serves 8 as a side salad)


  • 2 cups dried quinoa
  • 1 orange bell pepper
  • 1 yellow bell pepper
  • bunch of carrots
  • 2 cups cooked chickpeas
  • 6 tbsp. olive oil
  • 6 tbsp. apple cider vinegar, more as needed
  • three oranges


Rinse quinoa and cook according to package directions. Dice peppers and carrots. In a separate bowl: combine zest of one orange, juice from all three, olive oil and vinegar. Stir. Combine with cooked quinoa, veggies and chickpeas. Optional: add more vinegar, salt and pepper. Chop the tops of the carrots and toss for color or use parsley.

Easy peasy and packs well!

Rooftop view

Our welcome night sunset

Where’s your dream place to live?



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4 responses to “Playa Del Carmen

  1. Again, with the traveling! 🙂 My fantasy is to win the lottery and move to Golden Oak, a multi-million housing complex on Disney property in Florida ( Year-round warmth and instant access to my favorite place in the world! Ever since I was a kid I daydreamed about living in Disney World, and now it’s actually possible! (If you are loaded.)

  2. Holly

    Playa del Carmen would be a dream! Thanks for posting the recipe. It was delicious. Im making for lunch tommorrow.

  3. Yay Holly! Glad you liked the quinoa. Yes, Jennifer I checked out your dream neighborhood…with homes starting at 1.4 mil I guess you’d better start saving!

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