Friday Favorites

Happy Friday friends! I’m using this post as an excuse to give you a hodgepodge list of everything on my mind that’s made me smile this week. I hope you enjoy and share something good back with me.

President’s Day lunch on Monday: salad with apples, walnuts, shredded coconut and miso dressing

Also on Monday: chickpeas & couscous with chips & cilantro-lime hummus

(Lunch credit goes to my yoga teacher Maura)

Current (re)read

Yoga for thought: I’m currently studying Anusara yoga with Zhenja. (Anusara is a type of yoga that focuses on alignment and heart opening poses. I’ll share more as I learn more.) Zhenja told our group that everything in the universe contracts and expands. That thought has been on my mind for the past few weeks and last night I came across this in one of my books:

Expand, contract. It’s the way of the universe, of all things, and certainly of the human body. Expanding and contracting freely with whole-body breathing allows us a great opportunity to sensitize ourselves to this eternal back-and-forth.

Take it or leave it, but I’m fascinated at the idea that nothing is ever really still. Whether it’s our mind, body, or some other outside force, there’s always an interplay of movement that (hopefully) leads to balance.

Leftovers turned into winter tapas

(Wednesday’s sweet potatoes & barley with mashed potato pancakes, sauteed mushrooms & onions with sugar snap peas)

Also loving this…

green decorating blog

list of local organic farms in South Jersey… I’m thrilled that I found one near my neighborhood. I joined their CSA (community supported agriculture). That means that come spring I will be able to get one box per week of fresh local organic veggies (price and quantity vary depending on what you need/order). I’ve never done it before and I’m super-excited about eating farm-to-table.

Homemade frothy mocha

What are you smiling about this week?

Do you like applesauce or sour cream with potato pancakes? Or a dabble of both?

I love applesauce with mine, M likes sour cream.


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