Tribeca Tacos

Food trucks are all the rage, and the weekend before last I couldn’t resist trying tacos and mini-cupcakes on the street during an overnight trip to NYC to celebrate a friend’s birthday.

Nopale a.k.a. cactus tacos with avocado and salsa verde

Tofu tacos with avocado and mango salsa

*The tacos were so delish we went back for a second round (although I wish they would swap that icky styrofoam container for a smaller eco-friendly hot dog tray)

Dessert: bite-sized cupcakes from Baked By Melissa

Camilo’s picks: peanut butter cup, mint chocolate chip & peanut butter/jelly

My picks: tie-dye (vanilla), cookie dough & peanut butter cup

The morning after our night on the town we needed some serious carbs. I was inspired by Vic’s Bagel Bar in Murray Hill (a neighborhood too far away from my friend’s place) where they add “mix-ins” to the cream cheese. Fresh local bagels were available at Whole Foods, where we also grabbed a container of Tofutti cream cheese and plenty of veggies. Twenty minutes later two New York friends were impressed with this veggie-licious take on a new york classic.

Chopped cucumber, carrots and chives mixed in

A toasted multi-grain bagel topped with veggie cream cheese, sprouts and sliced tomato along with a few orange wedges

Now I’ll admit that tofu cream cheese does not taste the same as the “regular” stuff. However, it’s also not full of junk that causes bloating and acne. So for me it’s worth swapping. I wouldn’t necessarily slather tofu cream cheese across a bagel by itself, but with the veggie mix-ins and tomatoes on top it is absolutely delicious.

Do you have any tricks for sprucing up container food? Are there any amazing food trucks near you? How do you feel about mini-cupcakes? Love ’em or want a whole one?



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3 responses to “Tribeca Tacos

  1. Wânia

    I am a tofu fan, I could it everyday. Your pics made me hungry now…
    I would be happy with a mini cup cake rather than to have a whole one, it makes our soul happy and not guilty! 🙂

  2. I’m a fan of mini cupcakes, but those look a little too small for me. Give me one that requires at least 3 bites, and I’m satisfied! I love Indulgence Cupcakery in Haddonfield:; each cupcake–even the small ones–has a little surprise inside (jelly, peanut butter, raspberry, etc). The chocolate salted caramel flavor is delish!

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