The End of an Era

(Glacier National Park, Montana)

It’s almost time to kiss the roaring 20’s goodbye… I have one week left until my 30th birthday and quite a few things left on my overly ambitious list (created on August 5th). My ego is slightly disappointed I can’t put a pretty line through each and every item, but my sympathetic side understands that six months may have been cutting it short to complete the list in its entirety. Overall I’m thrilled about turning 30 because I truly believe that happiness multiplies exponentially with age. I’m not crumpling up the list, just giving myself a bit of an extension.

30 Before 30

  1. Run a 5k (I started jogging in the fall before the excuses set it…it’s too cold and running is just plain boring)
  2. Simplify my living space and clear out the clutter (a constant work in progress)
  3. Eat local for one week (I plan to resume this in the spring with the abundance of farmers’ markets)
  4. Do a headstand without the wall
  5. Go one full day without talking, texting, emailing, or facebook
  6. Complete 21 days of meditation (tried and failed, plan to try again)
  7. Travel without a plan (what if the plan is to avoid the Costa Rican police?)
  8. Attend a kirtan
  9. Do a cleanse
  10. Learn how to change a tire
  11. Work on a farm for a day (postponed until warmer days)
  12. Become CPR certified
  13. Learn how to make one kick-ass vegan recipe to bring to parties (this yummy dip is picky-kid-tested and approved!)
  14. Find a charity to believe in and support
  15. Eat in for one week
  16. Learn more about prenatal yoga
  17. Sew an article of clothing and wear it (I started with homemade Christmas cards)
  18. Try zumba
  19. Go on a 15+ mile bike ride
  20. Attend a yoga festival
  21. Eat vegan for one week
  22. Read another translation of the Yoga Sutras
  23. Study Spanish and stick with it
  24. Hold crow pose for five breaths
  25. Write a handwritten heartfelt letter once a week for 10 weeks
  26. Master a homemade chai recipe (still working on this one)
  27. Go on a solo hike
  28. Celebrate the seasons
  29. Attend a kundalini yoga class
  30. Make my own beauty products

I’m giving myself a C+. Most of the crossed-off items were well worth the time and a few were life changing. (Grand total: 14 checked off and 7 in progress.)

I felt most accomplished after:

Olivia’s Overlook near Kripalu

Lasting changes happened after:

  • #21 eat vegan for a week (I’m not vegan, but I realized just how wonderful I felt without dairy)
  • #30 make my own beauty products (goodbye loads of money to Sephora, hello essential oils and edible ingredients)

Homemade lip balm

I can’t believe I did it:

Two days of an Ayurvedic monodiet followed by freshly pressed juice

I promise I’ll do it this spring:

  • #3 eat local for a week
  • #10 learn how to change a tire
  • #11 work on a farm for a day

I can’t wait to do it again:

Summer strawberries

Fall harvest

Winter woods

Are you celebrating any milestones? Or have you celebrated lately? Are you moving forward with happiness, nervousness, disappointment or any other feelings?



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6 responses to “The End of an Era

  1. I think that’s quite an impressive number of items checked off for a list created just over 6 months ago. Congratulations!

  2. Wânia

    I agree with Jennifer, you have accomplished things that some people won’t do their whole life. You can be proud of yourself, soon 30, but a young soul and more beautiful. Moving with happiness…:)

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